Unusual Ice Cream Flavors Around The World

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Unusual Ice cream flavors around the world


We all have our favorite ice cream flavors, whether it be classic Vanilla or something with more components, like Rocky Road. By and large, there are some flavors we are all familiar with – vanilla, chocolate, cookies & cream, etc. But you may be surprised to learn about some flavors that are anything but average. Below, check out a list of some of the most unusual flavors of ice cream around the world!


1. Namja Town, Japan

Namja Town is an indoor amusement park in Japan, where you can purchase ice cream in flavors that you likely have never heard of, including Beef Tongue, Raw Horse Flesh, and Squid! At Southern Ice Cream, we’d certainly be a little surprised to be served an Octopus or Salt flavored treat.

2. Philippe Faur, France

Chef Philippe Faur, of France, has created a few high-brow flavors, such as Caviar, Black Truffle, and Foie Gras! Ice cream would definitely be a new way to sample these delicacies.

3. Murphy’s Ice Cream, Ireland

In Ireland, Murphy’s Ice Cream is known for experimenting with flavors and trying new things. A few of the results include Blue Cheese With Shallot, Gin, and Green Peas With Mint ice cream.

4. Lick Me I’m Delicious, UK

Not far from Murphy’s, Lick Me I’m Delicious of the UK has created Jellyfish flavored ice cream. Before you decide against it too quickly, consider the fact that when you lick this ice cream, it glows neon green! Worth a try?

5. Simmo’s Ice Creamery, Australia

Meanwhile, “down under”, Simmo’s Ice Creamery in Australia sells a unique flavor of their own – Whiskey Prune flavor. Definitely a surprising combination, but we have to wonder just how well they work together!

6. Las Ventanas al ParaÍso, Mexico

Las Ventanas al ParaÍso, a luxury resort in Mexico, is serving up a distinct flavor in their gorgeous hotel. They’re selling Tequila ice cream, and we’d sure like to try a bite!

7. Heladeria Coromoto, Venezuela

Heladeria Coromoto in Venezuela certainly has something special to offer – a Guinness World Record! At 860 flavors, they are the record-holders for the highest number of ice creams offered. Included in those 860 are Tuna, Hot Dog, and one particularly interesting flavor – Spaghetti And Cheese, with real chunks of spaghetti and cheese in the ice cream.

8. Morelli’s Gelato, Scotland

At Morelli’s Gelato in Scotland you can find – you guessed it! – Haggis Ice Cream! We suppose that if you were to sell Haggis Ice Cream anywhere in the world, Scotland would certainly be the place to do it.

9. Glasshus, Sweden

Glasshus, in Sweden, offers a Salty Licorice flavor in their shop. That definitely sounds a little less scary than some of the other things on this list! Would Salty Licorice appeal to you?

10. Heston From Waitrose, UK

Another flavor on the tamer end of the spectrum comes from the brand Heston From Waitrose, sold in supermarkets in the UK. This particular ice cream is Mustard flavored. We can’t help wondering how it would pair with the Hot Dog flavor at Heladeria Coromoto!


11. Enfleurage, Oman

American-born businesswoman Trygve Harris founded the company Enfleurage, which has a distills the essential oil Frankincense in Oman. They are the inventors and purveyors of Frankincense Ice Cream from their Salalah distillery.

12. Gelupo, England

Gelupo, a shop in England run by Chef Jacob Kenedy, created a flavor called Coronation Chicken for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee. The ice cream mimics the flavors of the signature dish, Coronation Chicken, which was created in 1953 for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation.

13. George’s Portobello Fish Bar, England

Sticking with Jolly Old England for the moment, an eatery across the pond is selling an ice cream very much in line with their name, George’s Portobello Fish Bar. The flavor? Creamed Cod, of course!

14. Halederia Lares, Puerto Rico

Halederia Lares in Puerto Rico has an ice cream that’s a bit similar to the one at George’s – it’s called Bacalao, which is a type of codfish, usually salted. Maybe Cod Ice Cream isn’t such a rare idea, after all?

15. Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan, India

For our final flavor, the Hotel Saravanaa Bhavan in India is serving Jackfruit Ice Cream in both Delhi and Chennai. We’ve never tried Jackfruit, but it is said to taste like gourmet Juicy Fruit gum. What a sweet way to wrap up our list!


What are your thoughts? Which flavors on this list might be worth a try – and which ones wouldn’t you touch with a 10-foot-pole? Before you start to think that unusual flavors like these only come from outside the US, click here to see a list of the most unusual flavors produced right here in America!


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